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• Water like viscosity (Component A & B Combined).

• Highly elastic (flexible to vibrations/movements).

• Cleans with water, no cleaning solvents required.

• Little to no odor produced during and after gel reaction.

• Will not promote growth of fungi, mold, or bacteria.

• Lab tested as non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-hazardous.

• Environmentally safe.

• CGI Gel will not breakdown in the presence of water containing oil, salt and/or sewage.

• CGI process does not require drilling to the positive (exterior) side, to further compromise the exterior side waterproofing.

A Two-Part Liquid Component System

CGI Northeast has an innovative waterproofing system that eliminates water leakage in basement foundation walls and floors, cellars, parking garages, and vaulted areas, without the need of costly and disruptive exterior excavation.

CGI Northeast which was established in 2004 has successfully completed over 400 projects in the New York City metropolitan area.

CGI or “Concrete Gel Injection” is performed through the interior side, or negative side of the concrete or masonry structure, by drilling holes and then injecting a two-component hydrophilic resin system, that has water-like viscosity, and chemically reacts to form a flexible water sealing gel, through the process of polymerization. This waterproofing injection system can also be performed through brick and stone walls, and structural vaults.

Qualities and Benefits

Component A
CGI Aqua Loc Resin LV mixed with accelerator
Precise tuning adjusts desired setting time for specific applications, as fast as five seconds, if needed.
Component B
Water (99% by volume) mixed with catalyst (enables gel reaction)
The resulting gel demonstrates superior adhesion, and will seal even when water is present.
Specialized equipment
is utilized to inject at a working pressure exceeding 3,200 psi to combat hydrostatic ground water pressure.